Amazing Gator While Scuba Diving… Pretty Scary

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Amazing Gator While Scuba Diving… Pretty Scary

If you think that meeting a great white is bad while scuba diving, then you think twice… specially if you go SCUBA DIVING in Florida… because … well, you never know what kind of Gator you will find.

Hello new marine life! hello PADI Gator Specialty.

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As I cruised along the sand, from the hazy distance I could see a dark shadow,” Ruda writes. “Not being able to discern its shape too well, I thought to myself, ‘Holy cow! That’s a huge stingray.’”

Ruda said when he got closer, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“This creature was so out of place that I thought it was nothing more than a well-planned out hoax by my good friends,” he said.

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