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Diving While Watching the Solar Eclipse

There are only few open spaces left provided by the Reef & Rainforest for the Eastern Fields and Far North Great Barrier Reef / Solar Eclipse trip departing Cairns, Australia. For fourteen nights, guests will travel November 12-26 on the liveaboard Sprit of Freedom. These passengers will be lucky in viewing the totals solar eclipse. Greg Becker, a professional photographer, Mark Strickland and astronomy professor, will offer expert advice and answer questions while on this exclusive trip.

The Eastern Fields

Held in highest regard by knowledgeable divers, the Eastern Fields can be found in the Coral Sea, roughly between Australia and Papua New Guinea. Their isolated reefs rise dramatically from 4,000 foot depths to the sun-drenched shallows, allowing the excitement of open-sea diving without going deep.

Passengers will stay on the liveaboard, The Spirit of Freedom. The Spirit features electronic stabilizers, wide screen TV/DVD, comfortable lounge areas, a sun deck and spacious cabins with in-suite bathrooms. The atmosphere is more like a private motor yacht than a dive boat.


Best of the Best for Scuba Travel

When it comes to the Great Barrier Reef, this itinerary includes the “best of” for scuba diving. Whether it’s capturing a shot of a massive potato cod at the famous Cod Hole, or marveling at the coral gardens and fish life of the renowned Ribbon Reefs; the magnitude of marine life is amazing. You’ll also experience Raine Island. This island is the largest and most important green sea turtle nesting area in the world. As much as 80,000 of the ancient creatures visit this tiny island in a good year, with in-water sightings of over 250 turtles being common during the December peak season.

Total Solar Eclipse Viewing

If the beauty of Australia isn’t enough, this trip includes an opportunity to view a total solar eclipse. Visualize the day turn into night. Feel the temperature drop. Listen to the wildlife tricked into their nighttime routines. Become one with the natural cycle of our neighboring celestial bodies.

Trip leader Greg Becker says, “This is an opportunity to witness the grand cosmic clockwork at play in our solar system while situated in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. We will discuss the historical ramifications and the science behind the total solar eclipse.”

Photographers Delight

For underwater photographers, there is no better way to advance your skill development, learn how to use your camera than to tap into the knowledge of Mark Strickland. “These group trips allow me to provide individualized instruction, tailoring my advice according to each person’s interests and equipment,” says Strickland. ”I also enjoy sharing my knowledge of marine life, to further enhance guest’s enjoyment of the experience.”

Openings on this expedition are still available. Contact Reef & Rainforest now to reserve your spot on this unique trip.

Reef & Rainforest is a travel agency for active travelling divers. With a longstanding reputation as a top dive travel wholesaler, Reef & Rainforest has been specializing in planning exotic diving vacations for more than fifteen years. To see the best of the Great Barrier Reef and book your spot on this unique trip, email scubatravel@reefrainforest.com or call 800-794-9767 .

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