What is the perfect Scuba Diving Trip?

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We all want to go diving, we all want to quit our 9 to 5 jobs… so what about if you could dive and travel at the same time…. today ScubaHerald.com found a new cool idea, that we have decided to sponsor. Ladies and Gents, meet TheScubaDivingTrip… a pretty cool idea of a young PADI divemaster, interested in blogging about his adventures traveling from Australia to Costa Rica. His plan: To do this IDC in one of the best destinations for PADI IDC in the World.

So in the months, Troy Miller, will be blogging about the challenges of the daily life of a future PADI Instructor.

Is this a PADI marketing scheme ? Not really, as we know… PADI has never been really involved with us… the bloggers… instead this is a new way of broadcasting scuba diving adventures. ScubaHerald believes we need less stupid self-made news about scuba diving… and more real bloggers like this apparently nice Aussie Dude. So if you want to follow a new and different blog, check TheDivingTrip.com

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