Interview with Jonathan Cross from the Best Diving Job in the world.

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Scubaherald had a chat with Jonathan Cross regarding the Best Dive job in the world… a new idea in the scuba industry that is taking the whole scuba diving career world by storm.

SH: Hi Jonathan, we just read about the Best Diving Job in the world. Amazing news and a very unique idea. How did you come up with this idea?

JC: You’ll probably be a bit surprised by this one but me and Westy (Tom) basically sat down beside the pool, opened a beer and said let’s think of a
great marketing idea. Minutes later we had spoke about how it would be a great idea to have people actually watch what it is like to undertake a
scuba internship with us. We wanted to create a way that people can keep up to date with us online. Moments later this had transformed into the Best
dive Job in the World.! The whole thought process took less than 10 minutes. I am not going to tell you the next idea we thought of after that!

SH: So after reading the rules and the prizes… tell us a little bit how someone can apply to the best dive job?

JC: Entering is very simple. You can either make a 1 minute video blog or you can give a written blog – all about why you deserve to win this great
opportunity. The video blog can be really simple; if you are not the most technologically advanced then just use your webcam. Once you have made the
video or written your blog then you just need to go to our website, and submit it. After that we will be in touch with you.

SH: Any tips about the right candidate you are looking for… what qualities the winner of the best dive job needs to have?

JC: One word – ENERGY. We are looking for someone with energy, someone who will love to work with people on a day to day basis, someone who will bring a smile to other people’s faces. And of course we need them to be able to tell the world about it so being able to use all the new media outlets available such as Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc will be a factor. When we look at applicants we want to see their own personality shine through, we want to see what makes them tick. Character is so important along with having a the right outlook on life. Put everything into your entry that will help us learn about you.

SH: OK, so let’s go straight to the point: Why the BEST job? In your point of view, what is the best part of the prize?

JC: Now the questions are getting easy! Imagine one of the most beautiful islands on the planet, located in the middle of the most diverse underwater ecosystem on the planet. Well, that is your office! Now imagine that every day you will have to show other people how amazing the underwater world of Bali is. Teaching people how to breath underwater, taking those first steps into a new world; Bali is a breath taking place to dive and being able to influence other people’s lives in such a way is an immense high.

SH: What happens after you announce the winner..

JC: I imagine it will be a bit of a shock to the winner given they are about to spend seven months in Bali. At this point we will have to organize a few things in order to get the to Bali. Flights, visa’s and accommodation will be the first thing to organize. We will also give the winner a detailed breakdown of what is expected from them over the coming months. I imagine
many people will want to know how the winner gets on in Bali so we will have to keep everyone up to date with that from our blog. Once the winner has arrived in Bali then we will make sure that everything is looked after for them as they go through the seven months of training.

SH: Can you please tell us a bit more about the location, about Bali itself…

JC: As I said to a reporter the other day who was asking me about this, Bali is one of those places on earth that cannot really be explained by words alone. The people and Hindhu culture of Bali makes it a wonderfully relaxed place to live. Add the natural beauty both above and below the surface of the ocean with a climate that never drops below “very warm” and you start to get a picture. I have lived here for ten years and every day I look up at the blue skies and thank someone for being here. It is not like anything I have ever experienced before – on any given day you can go and trek volcanoes, visit some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, scuba dive on pristine reefs, go white water rafting or just watch the sunset on Seminyak beach over cocktails.

SH: How can we follow up the application process… what is the best way to follow up the latest news of this contest?

JC: During the competition we will be posting the applications on our blog ( which will allow everyone to see them, and post comments. Applicants can get their friends to look and support them over the four months for the competition. We will give out updates to everyone through our emails, Facebook and twitter accounts when we post new entries  to keep everyone up to date.

SH: A last word for all the readers of ScubaHerald , thinking of applying for the best dive job?

JC: In order to win you need to enter! This is a great way for anyone who wants to change their life and get into the scuba diving industry. This
seven months of training normally costs USD15,900 (2011 price) and we are giving it away. Get your video or written entry into us and start imagining
life in Bali as a PADI instructor.

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