The Long Lost Memorable Souvenir

Bob Besal, a 62-year-old retired rear admiral who earned two Distinguished Flying Cross awards and spent a lifetime on the water and above it, [...]

Very Close Encounter of a Great White Shark

For 17 nerve cracking minutes, a group of divers were rising to the surface because there was a 4.5m white pointer shark circling them. [...]

An Inspiring Old Man

For so much passion he had for scuba diving, he is considered as the OLDEST scuba-diver. For Limerick, age never stops him for going [...]

The Dirtiest Job Ever

If you ever think that working in a boring office, working in a busy restaurant or working as a cleaner are the worst job, [...]

A Legendary Shipwreck

Divers in Tonga have discovered the wreck of a vessel said to be a historic pirate ship containing a legendary hoard of sunken treasure. [...]