The stupid Scuba Invention of the Week (or year)

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At Scubaherald, we usually broadcast about stupid, funny and sometimes “smart” scuba inventions. We used to believe the underwater Ipod was the FUTURE… and then we though that underwater DPV where going to be indeed FUN (yeah right….! ) but now we found something ten times better…

Something simply useless…

Something you may only use if you are out of air, your buddy is far away and you can’t do a CESA.

Divers from the world, Welcome to the Stipid invetion of the Year: The underwater Bible.

Yep, gear f with your BCD, regs, tanks, flashlight, knife, mask and Bible… (always useful!)

The creators claim this waterproof Bible floats (mmm positive buoyant?) and is extremely durable. The Bible will be available by November 1 (we can’t wait) in the following translations: KJV, NIV, ESV, and NLT.

You don’t have to be just a scuba diver to use this Bible (thank god) Anyone can use it (from sharks to whales) Especially if you are outdoors a lot and who like to have your Bible with you. It’s also great for mission trips and vacations. It can even be used in your own home; whether it be in the shower or bathtub or even outside in your backyard as you float in your pool.

The cost for the waterproof Bible ranges from $25-$40 and can be found at Barnes & Noble and Books a Million, along with other bookstores.

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