Expedition Fleet in the Philippines: We are Spammers

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If you have, had or are planning to have a scuba diving website, be alert: because the group of Expedition Fleet in the Philippines is ready to spam you. In the last 2 weeks over 45 wordpress sites related with Scuba Diving topics have been spammed by this company. Their objective? To fill your website with useless comments, trying to generate more backlinks to their website. Under the name of Marion15chang this company targets blogs where comments are open and post random information while adding the link to Expedition Fleet.

So I wonder today: Is this the face that Expedition Fleet want’s to show the world?

If this is the way they target their business… I wonder the way they run their boats.

ScubaHerald.com called them today trying to talk to their manager… but obviously, in the company there is not one single manager, or person in charged and they didn’t know that commenting in 200 blogs per day, posting their link while adding no value to the conversation or topic is Spam. In this case lame Scuba Spam. Expedition Fleet: shame on you!

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  1. Scuba Jedi Team, 2 years ago

    This is not the first time this happens… Marion15Chang can’t even write in proper english, and he has been spamming more than 50 wordpress comments system, trying to get some kind of backlink strategy for this dive center.


  2. Dickey Baldwin, 2 years ago

    I have just returned from an extended holiday in the Phillippines due to the icelandic volcano blocking UK airspace. We dived from Coron on the island of Busuanga from a dive shop called Rock Steady run by a german couple. To say it was unorganised is an understatement. We dive in din fit valves, as alot of uk divers do, so our boat was full of fixed a clamp valves with no adaptors.One of our party requested a side slung 7ltr fill to 40 percent o2 for a deco gas. When he checked it prior to diving it had 95 percent, some mistake! We requested 40 percent hang tanks & on one dive were told they had forgetton the regs for them. On every days diving ther were things forgotton, gas mixes wrong & stupid mistakes. Dont bother with the wrecks there as they are all stripped and just empty hulks. We did enjoy the friendly island people but it was ment to be a diving holiday.

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