Dive Asia Safari: inspirational dive adventures.

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In life we need dreams… and if you are a diver, you need to DREAM with new adventures, new trips… new ways of discover the underwater world. Well, meet Dive Asia Safari: Not the same same… instead… something different, and amazing.

t’s not unusual for disillusioned graduates to pack a bag and hit the road, but what distinguishes dive enthusiasts Ben Stokes, 30, and Sarah Kemsley, 31, is that they kept going. Since meeting in Malaysia in 2003, the couple have worked as diving instructors in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Honduras, Belize and Fiji, clocking up over 5,000 dives between them and leaving their respective studies – in advertising and fashion – far behind.

The couple, who learned to dive while travelling, now have their own bespoke travel company, Dive Safari Asia, which is based in the UK but can be run from wherever they are in the world. They put together unguided package trips (flights, accommodation, diving) for their clients or, for more remote destinations, step in and act as guides. “Being in Asia for so many months of the year allows us to discover new destinations and really connect with the places,” says Ben.

Typically stationing themselves in a location for two to four months, their three essential requirements are internet access, phone signal and “very good-quality diving”.

And when we mention very good quality diving, is because these guys, can simply tailor any type of holiday in Asia, just for you. The best diving in the world? I don’t know about that… but for sure the best service.

check today Dive Safari Asia and re-discover diving.

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