Peter Bethune… not really an eco ninja? Or a smart bloke….

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Kiwi anti-whaling activist Peter Bethune is expected to be arrested by the Japanese authorities when he arrives in Tokyo today on the whaling ship Shonan Maru 2.
Bethune has been held on the harpoon ship after a collision which destroyed his own boat last month. You may wonder… mm how did the japanese catch Peter Bethune… well it seems Peter is an eco-warrior but not an Eco Ninja…
Because what Peter did was in true James Bond style decided to use a jetski and climbed aboard the vessel in Antarctic waters in mid-February to make a citizen’s arrest over the sinking of his high-tech protest boat.

So let’s re-cap… this guy goes ALONE inside a boat full of Japanese whalers… to do a citizen arrest…?

What is this guy thinking? Peter Bethune vs 100 Japanese whales?

Hi mister Japanese Captain.. this is a citizen’s arrest.. please step down of the vessel…. and jump in my jet ski!

So obviously now… the Japan’s coast guard has an arrest warrant for him on suspicion of trespass and his wife Sharyn, who hasn’t heard from him for almost a month, fears Japanese authorities may make an example out of him.

Well Peter… enjoy Tokio.. enjoy the sushi!

If convicted, Bethune could face imprisonment of up to three years.

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