Chammyz Boat Coat – Review

Diving in a perfect part of the world? Well, not always. Let’s face it, sometimes you wake up and through the window you see all the signs of a perfect cold and windy day. And then you wonder if diving is always fun ??? But hey! You have to do what you have to do. I mean, you have to go and dive, especially if you are a diving instructor and that’s the way you make a living.

So you go to the dive boat and you try to smile to all the divers and customers while you are thinking ahead about how cold it is going to be getting out of the water once you finish the dive. I have to admit I’m a one of those diving instructors: The unique species of weather-chicken-divers. Yes. That’s me. I’m a woos (Australian slang for coward), I’m terrified of the cold. You can claim that’s because of my south American origins, or to the fact that I learned to dive in the Red Sea and I became an instructor in Thailand, that’s why when I moved with my wife to her home country (Australia) I never expected to suffer fro cold windy days after diving.

So this is the issue. Being warm after diving while struggling to keep your jacket dry. In theory it sounds easy, but it is not, if you consider that I dive each day in a speed boat with the capacity to produce enough splash to simulate a small typhoon on board.

That’s why when I received the Chammyz Boat Coat, a cheeky smile lit up my face. In the words of Chammys

“The Boat Coat combines the warmth, dryness and function of the surf bomber with a lightweight zip-up shell—the essential 3-in-1 jacket. The super versatile Boat Coat is perfect for cool or warm weather, rain or shin”

Maybe that means nothing for all of us, ignorant fashion divers out there, but to put it in a few words the Boat Coat is simply awesome. It keeps you warm, I mean… really warm in the middle of any wet and windy conditions,

Initially the Boat Coat simply looks too good to be used just for diving, and the issue is that the coat looks good, I mean, really good. It is elegant enough to wear out at night and with the 3 in 1 jacket any diver can take off the zip-up shell in case you get to warm or the weather changes during the boat trip.

Overall this is a product no diver can be without- well no diver who wants to be warm and cosy anyway!!

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