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Fund Raising at Cayman Islands by Oceanic Ventures

A weekend of diving events earlier this year at Cayman Islands was being hosted by Oceanic Ventures and Innerspace systems. The program inlcuded pool demos of a new Pathfinder recreational rebreather and lectures. Aside from that, funds were raised for the Bonaventure Boys Home for at-risk teens.

Last week, during the InnerSpace event in Grand Cayman, a generous donation was made. Eric and Ann Keibler, Founders of Oceanic Ventures presented the management team at the Bonaventure Boys School of Grand Cayman a check for $3,630 from the Oceanic Ventures Foundation a 501(c)(3) corporation. The focus of the event was to raise funds for the Bonaventure Boys’ home. Grand Cayman has been the leading destination for rebreather divers with the first Inner Space Rebreather event hosted by Divetech at Cobalt Coast Dive Resort in 2004 and now its ninth year in 2012.

Eric Keibler, Managing Director and Director of Education for Oceanic Ventures says, “Rebreathers are the latest trend in diving enabling divers to discover the underwater world in relative silence without disturbing the fish. This allows you to get closer to the fish and other creatures. Photographers find them to be a wonderful tool and a enjoyable way to go diving.” According to Ann Keibler, President of Oceanic Ventures, “this is a fun event that will allow divers to experience what it is like to dive silently underwater with no bubbles while helping out children. We chose the Bonaventure Boys Home as our charity due to the fantastic work they do and our continued commitment to the communities where we dive, such as Grand Cayman and Divetech.”

The Bonaventure Boys’ Home is a not for profit government funded Foundation that is a part of The CAYS Foundation (Children and Youth Services) in Grand Cayman. The Boy’s Home serves at risks boys and families that need help to achieve their full potential. Jennifer Leach-Tippetts, Bonaventure Boys’ Home Facility Manager commented “We appreciate donations to help fund extra programmes and supplies for our residents and we greatly appreciate the donation Oceanic Venture Foundation is able to give to The Bonaventure Boys’ Home. The monies raised will be used to purchase recreational equipment, resident outings, summer camp fees, clothing and shoes, rewards for incentive programmes and/or bedroom furniture for parents’ homes in preparation for transition.”

Eric and his wife Ann developed Oceanic Ventures into the premiere dive operation in Texas it is today. As the first full service IANTD Technical Training Facility in Texas, Oceanic Ventures brought Nitrox and trimix into the marketplace, and remains the only IANTD Platinum Technical Training Facility in Texas and was awarded a Diamond Facility award from IANTD. It is also an SSI Platinum Instructor Training Facility, a SDI/TDI Professional Development Center and a PSAI Training Facility with rebreather instructors on staff.

InnerSpace Systems Corp. (ISC) is located in Centralia Washington, founded in 1999 and is known internationally as a top competitor in the manufacturing and development is of highly innovative customized closed circuit rebreathing systems including the Megalodon, Copis and Pathfinder brands.

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