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More candidates for The Best Dive job in the world

So we are glad to see the new army of candidates for the best dive job in the world, by Blue Season Bali. The top 10 are almost here and we have great scuba-people, like  Kenzo Kiren , also Priscilla Ong , Hellen Shepperson(mmm our favorite so far!) (are we allowed to vote?) , Stepan Shulga from Ukraine , (yes… people also dive in Ukraine! go and figure), and Mritunjai Sisaudia (it tooks a bit to spell his name ;)

So so far.. 6 finalist and to be 100% honest, we should be grateful to the guys of Blue season Bali, finally a company that manages to bring excitement to the Scuba Industry. Gosh… if only DEMA, PADI or SSI could learn.

The Best Dive Job, has received over 100.000 visitors since it’s creation and in case you don’t know it yet , this contest has rock the world by offering simply the best experience to any future diving instructor looking for a pretty unique experience.

So let us know who do you like the most…

These are some of the finalists

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