Nadia Aly 1st finalist for the best Dive Job in the world

Nadia Aly has become the 1st finalist for the top 10 runner ups to become the winner of one of the coolest contest in Scuba history.

From today on, the team of Blue season Bali, will be announcing each day the top 10….

Who will win?

Who will have simply the coolest job in the world?

Well… it seems that Nadia Aly has a solid possibility, not only this groovie-scuba-girl seems to have all the positive points needed to start such an amazing experience, but she it’s also a blogger and a social media expert. In fact Nadia has created a pretty big group of supportes via facebook towards wining the Best Dive job.

But instead of us talking abou it… check her out and tell us what you think by visiting her nomination page.

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