Triple-X wetsuit Review. 5mm Megastretch

If you haven’t heard of Triple X as a leading brand in diving wetsuits, well, you will soon. Triple X started a few years ago, as a brand aimed at surfers seeking quality wetsuits and steamers. Not only have Triple X delivered but also provided a new level in protection that makes this brand a very interesting option for Scuba Divers. Now, after the success in the surfing market Triple X has delivered a new product that is not only brave in it’s design but also brings a new approach to the diving community.

Before we review the wetsuit, let’s try to understand that the wetsuit market in Australia is a difficult one. Now a days you can find many international and famous wetsuit brands offering a vast range of products suitable for all sorts of activities and water temperatures… but it seems that regardless how famous these brands are, many companies are failing to bring real innovation to consumers. Over 90% of wetsuits out there, look the same, deliver the same result and sooner or later they disappear out of our memory without any “scuba glory” .

The Mega-strech steamer from Triple-X is a different species. Say bye bye to boring wetsuits, say hi to something different.

The first thing you notice in the wetsuit is that it looks very modern and very light, it reminds me of professional free diving wetsuits. The wetsuit looks strong and solid. Very impressive.

Ok, so trying the wetsuit on.

Putting on the Mega-stretch is not a fast process, but once the wetsuit is on, it feels like it rapidly shapes to your body. On the first contact with your skin you can feel where the warmeth will come from. The Titanium in the structure of the material is a vital part of the Triple-X range, so once it is on, the Triple X 5m steamer becomes like a second skin to your body. The way this wetsuits embraces your body is quite noticeable. The great point, is that it doesn’t feel like a 5mm, it feels like a 3m!, giving you a light feeling and an amazing in the water flexibility while keeping you pretty dam warm …

Again, this is thanks to the brains of Triple-X creating a product that keeps you warmer with less rubber. Obviously, the lack of thickness in the suit, is great news for any diver, giving you the option of diving with less weights, making your dive a “lighter” experience by giving you limited wetsuit buoyancy.

So how was the dive with the Triple-X 5m steamer? I have to confess that “interesting” would be the best word. As a diving instructor I’m used to diving with Semi dry suits, and it seems I forgot how much mobility I lost underwater. The Triple-X allowed me to give a more generous frog kick and gave me more freedom to demonstrate skills on the surface with my students. Also it seems my weight belt fitted better, thanks to less bulkiness around my body. Thin wetsuit, better grip.

So my experience with the Triple-X 5M was more than satisfactory. I really love to have this sort of wetsuit with me, it is the kind of suit you can use for any activity without sacrificing comfort and heat. For any person thinking of combining activities like windsurfing, kite surfing, free diving or spearfishing with scuba diving, this wetsuit would be a great addition to your equipment.

The wetsuit was tested in 16 C of water temperature in early November I performed 4 dives, 2 dives per day, keeping me warm during the time underwater.

PROS: Flexible (very!), keeps you warm all the time, drys very fast, easy to pack , low buoyancy. For 500 Dollars you can’t go wrong.

CONS: This is not a wetsuit to “jump fast and dive” . An option with incorporated hood would be nice.

Should you buy it: Yes – if you want an overall performer. If you do any other water activities go for it. It looks good , it feels good and it is an 100% original Aussie product.

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Gabriel Machuret

PADI Instructor and Editor

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