Hot! Scuba Diving Destination of the Month: The Philippines

The beautiful beaches of Philippines: The beaches of Philippines are the finest beaches all over Asia, and with a coastline of almost 59,000 km, there’s ample to choose from. There is a chain of islands which is known as the Visayas, and it starts from the northern tip of Luzon and has its southern tip towards the Mindanao, and it also includes the main islands of Leyte, Samar, Bohol, Negros, Panay, and Cebu including many interesting pint-sized islands in between.

The most well-known island in the complete set is named as tiny Boracay, which is a stunning but expensive resort islet. Quieter, just as lovely Visayan islets include Bantayan, Romblon, Panay, Malapascua, Panglao and Bohol, each and every one of which presents the ideal mixture of lavishly spongy sand, a civilized choice of beachfront housing, and relaxed fishing towns.

Diving destination: Philippines

With all the spectacularly clear sultry water around, it is not at all astonishing that the Philippines, is considered as the best diving destinations in the whole world. You’ll find a number of wealthiest Palawan, Mindoro and reefs off Boracay, however there are also some impressive submarine walls, coral arches and drop-offs at Moalboal in Cebu, and manta rays and hammerhead sharks next to Cabilao and Panglao islands, off Bohol. Overall we can claim that the most famous packages that offer scuba diving in the Philippines, promote scuba diving in Cebu, being this one of the most well know locations in the country for scuba travelers.

Some true and interesting things about Manila:
Cursed with pollution and traffic that make Bangkok look like an environment reserve, Manila is a place that just has to be tolerated between ferry connections and flights. You can entertain yourself, with a trip to the Chinese graveyard – it’s factually a ghost city, with three-storey houses and streets for the dead, most of the houses are fully furnished with bathrooms, kitchens, electricity and the various other things that are found in any normal house. On the other hand, Manila is the most excellent place for drinking and shopping, with huge malls in almost every street, and a fashionable nightlife prospect in Malate.

Puerto Galera: a wonderful beach of Philippines
This place has got some absolutely dazzling beaches, with twenty or so major diving destinations along a reef which is extremely wealthy in maritime life; this place has also got loads of rationally priced housings. Thus Puerto Galera, on the west coast of Mindoro, is a wonderful beach near Manila. This is the best destination to visit at any time of the year.

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