Why you should go diving in Indonesia?

December 16, 2008 by Scuba Herald 

Pulau Weh is located at the tip of northern Sumatra, a small volcanic island that plays host to prolific marine life and pristine coral reefs. Until recently this part of the world was considered ‘out of bounds’ due to civilian conflict, however in 2005 a peace agreement was signed and the first international flight left from Kuala Lumpur shortly afterwards. Now after the rebuilding process following the tsunami in 2004 Aceh is looking forward to a peaceful more prosperous future, fueled by a growing adventure travel industry which many small businesses are seeing the potential in.


Diving in Indonesia is seen by many as the last frontier. Still remote and off the beaten track the area has some of the most bio diverse marine habitats on earth, and Pulau Weh is no exception. Here, where the Andaman Sea meets the Indian Ocean a well preserved and rich underwater realm can be found. Deep craggy walls, volcanic pinnacles, boulders and sloping reefs are all typical of the topography around the island. The deep oceanic trenches that lay around the island bring nutrient rich waters for passing pelagics including Whale Sharks, Mantas and Mola Mola when the season is right.

To the very north westerly point of the island lies the monument Kilometer 0, the starting point of Indonesia in the west, from here dense primary rainforest cascades towards the reefs that lie just below the surface. Huge labyrinths of boulders lay on sandy slopes before reaching the craggy walls where the reef descends away. Typical of diving in Indonesia, the marine life is in abundance particularly the fish life. Angelfish, Butterfly Fish, Batfish and other common species can be found, but what’s most special about this area and diving in Indonesia in general is the rare and weird wildlife that can be found. Critters, by what divers generally refer to them by, are weird and wonderful creatures that are supremely well adapted to their habitat. Colorful Frog Fish take the shapes of the sponges, on which they lay in wait for a passing meal. Leaf Fish are also masters of mimicry and even able to drift along the sand in a leaf like way. Many Octopus and species of Moray can be found here also.

Diving in Indonesia has long been considered as some of the finest in the world, a truly untouched masterpiece and Pulau Weh will surely not disappoint, even for the seasoned professional. Although this territory is remote it is certainly not unreachable. For more information on Pulau Weh and Aceh including travel operators who visit the region visit

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