New cool PADI Toy

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PADI Americas is rolling out the next generation in electronic dive planning - the Electronic Recreational

Dive Planner, Multilevel version (eRDPML). Developed by Diving Science and Technology (DSAT) and distributed by PADI, the new product makes planning single depth and multilevel dives easier than ever.

The eRDPML is not a dive computer, but an electronic dive table that allows you to plan single depth and multilevel dives. While the first generation eRDP provided the same information as the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) Table version, the eRDPML provides the same information as PADI’s multilevel dive planner, The Wheel®, only in an electronic format.

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PADI Asia Pacific Member Awards 2008 Finalists

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The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Asia Pacific is proud to announce the finalists of the PADI Asia Pacific Member Awards for 2008. At the end of 2004 PADI Asia Pacific undertook the initiative to build a more rewarding and recognition based benefit program for PADI Members. Continuing the enormous success of the newly revised program, PADI Asia Pacific is proud to run the fourth annual PADI Asia Pacific Member Awards 2008.

The awards recognise excellence and innovation in the Dive Industry and are considered very prestigious.

A panel of key PADI stakeholders met to judge the finalist in each category and the winners will be announced at the PADI Pavilion (Stand J01 & K02) at ADEX 2008 at Suntec, Singapore on Friday 18th April at 5pm along with drinks and canapés.

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Seven Principles of Successful Dive Leaders

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Exceptional Dive Leaders have that “special something” that sets them apart from the crowd. It’s not as mysterious as it sounds. Most of the time, that “special something” is the sheer determination to maintain positive habits of learning and teaching. Do you want to join the ranks of highly effective Dive Leaders? You can start with these seven proven boosters.

1. Increase Your Self-Discipline – If you are like most people, you find it easy to do bang-up job when you are in high spirits. The real test comes when you are not feeling motivated or particularly energetic. Are these good enough reasons to snap at customers or behave like a nasty martyr? No!

As Dive Leaders, like it or not, you are a role model. You set the standard when it comes to personal behavior, so make sure that standard is high. A moment of impulsiveness can tear your students learning ability. The signs of self-control include “being unfazed under stress or handling a person without lashing out in return.”

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SSI Launches New Digital Underwater Photography Specialty Program

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Fort Collins, CO. Scuba Schools International (SSI), the premier education and business organization announces the launch of the new SSI Digital Underwater Photography specialty program at DEMA 2007. The program covers everything that any new or aspiring underwater photographer needs to know to take successful underwater digital photos.

The program includes a high quality full color manual. Training topics covered include: The Effects of Light Underwater, Your Digital Photography Equipment, How to Use Your Digital Camera System, Underwater Photography Basics, Image Composition, and Image Processing.

The program includes a high quality full color manual. Training topics covered include: The Effects of Light Underwater, Your Digital Photography Equipment, How to Use Your Digital Camera System, Underwater Photography Basics, Image Composition, and Image Processing.

Students may use a compact digital camera system or a digital single lens reflex camera because the information contained in the manual applies to all types and configurations of underwater camera equipment. In addition, the program provides distinct information for specific types of camera systems where necessary. We¹ve also included valuable information and step-by-step procedures about properly composing underwater images using proven, time-tested techniques. There is also an entire section devoted to teaching how to edit photos the same way the professionals do, using a PC or Macintosh.

We’ve created the most complete, easy to understand Digital Underwater Photography training system available. The product will be available for purchase after DEMA 2007. Visit us at booth 1719 to check out this new product.

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Second Life : Virtually PADI? Or Virtually Stupid?

September 10, 2007 by Scuba Herald · 2 Comments 

So we get the whole idea of E-learning.
You connect your PC, you get information about how to dive, you do your little knowledge reviews and then you arrive to the dive center ready to dive…. right? Yep, bye bye the personal contact with an experienced instructor… who needs that? No one. We are too busy… we want things fast and we want them now!

At ScubaHerald we accept technology, hey, this is an online media… so in theory we are supposed to be tech junkies… that’s why we decided to go the painful way, we decided to visit PADIs’ virtual Island.

First Step: download Secondlife game - go to the kitchen and have a long cup of tea…. yes my friends, that is the first step. To download a long and heavy game that in theory you should not have in your PC unless you are an online reality freak. … so you download the game, you install it and you get ready to join a virtual world where it is easy to get confused or find where to go or what do to. But hey, who cares? This is the world of PADI Virtual Island… where everything is so easy….

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