Ex-HMAS Canberra: Ready for Australian Divers

ex-hmascanberraSo after more than 3 years in the planning the Ex-HMAS Canberra becomes the new Wreck for Divers in Australia. Not only this wreck becomes a new playground for Aussie divers, but it is a well needed injection to the local diving economy.

The Wreck was giving the final OK and Green Light by Parks Victoria (Australian authorities) after given the final safety inspection… and today.. Saturday the 5th the Wreck will be open to divers.

This amazing wreck rest at 28 meters of water (So you need to do your advanced diving course) and it is expected to provide diving all year around. (don’t expect warm water here!)

Victoria’s Tourism Minister, Tim Holding took a dive at the site in late October and described it as “spectacular” and a new “underwater playground” for divers.

He said unlike most shipwrecks, many of the ex-HMAS Canberra’s original fixtures have been preserved for divers to discover.

“Divers will have the opportunity to explore a large portion of the ship including flight decks, the bridge, engine rooms, the galley and the accommodation quarters,” Mr Holding said.

“The dive site offers a unique experience which will only get better with time as sea life develops in and around the wreck,” he said.

The ex-HMAS Canberra dive site is 20 to 25 minutes by boat from Portsea or Queenscliff.

There are four moorings, and the site can accommodate approximately 60 divers at any one time.

Two of the moorings were allocated to Victoria’s largest dive operator, Dive Victoria.

The third mooring will be available to other licensed tour operators by permit and the fourth is open for bookings by the general public.

Bookings give divers exclusive use of a mooring for two hours for $30 per boat regardless of the number of divers on board.

The State Government provided $1.5 million towards the creation of the site.

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