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Dive Rite Program for Kids

There is a new Youth Program launched by Dive Rite. It gives children a kid-sized BCD that will grow as they grow.
As the child grows, parents who purchase any TravelPac or VoyagerPac BCD for their child can request free upgrades.
These BCDs are designed for children as they grow into adults. Available sizes are XS through XXL.

“We started a youth program when my son Jared was nine years old,” states Lamar Hires, Dive Rite’s founder and CEO. “It’s been almost fifteen years since that first program launched and we’ve repeatedly heard from parents how happy they are to have a high quality BCD that actually fits their children and their budget.”

The kids program isn’t new, but now with these specific BCDs, kids get lightweight, open water, rig that is perfect for their size. Due to the TravelPac and VoyagerPac’s technical heritage and unique recreational design, they won’t shift on the child’s back because they keep a firm support on the torso. “Kids have told us that they actually relax and enjoy diving more in our equipment,” says Lamar. “Too often, kids are given BCDs that are too large with the idea they will grow into them or they have to deal with ill-fitted rental equipment. Yet, being uncomfortable in the water turns kids off and they lose interest in diving. The key is to get them in equipment that fits, so they will be confident underwater.”

The TravelPac and VoyagerPac BCDs use a webbing-based harness with ergonomic shoulder and hip pads for comfort along with a quick-draining, molded lumbar pad to cushion and support the back. Weight pockets, storage pockets and other accessories can be added as they child’s interest grows. Using a webbing harness allows for infinite adjustment as kids grow and Dive Rite will replace the shoulders for FREE, which is the point on the equipment that has to lengthen as the kids get older. MSRP: $479-499.

Parents should contact their authorized Dive Rite dealer for purchase and register the product at Dive Rite’s website. When they are ready to upgrade, simply contact Dive Rite at Support@DiveRite.com and send in the old shoulders. A few words from your child about why they enjoy diving or a pic of your child in their gear are also encouraged.

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