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Aqualung Slingshot Fin

I recently purchased a pair of Aqualung Slingshot fins. I have several different sets of fins but have always been a die hard Blade fan. I kinda hesitated on the slingshot thinking they were just another gadgety product with no benefit.  After using them I have to say I am impressed.

They are really great especially if you are having to chase students. The foot pocket is very comfortable and not to rigid.  The different settings make them great for easy dives or for hard currents. They are easy on the legs, to me, even at the tightest setting. It was even easy to change the setting underwater with gloves. I have used them on a few regular dives with students and on some drysuit dives. They were still powerful with my drysuit.

Plus you’ve gotta like the “mermaids don’t like competition video”!

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