Eric Establie: The most amazing Trapped Diver history?

We usually hear, read and watch stories like the trapped miners in Chile. But when was the last time you read about a trapped diver. Usually when we read about trapped divers, we read about dead divers… but in this case, things are different.
A French speleologist trapped hundreds of yards below a vineyard in southern France for the past week may still be alive, according to rescuers. Yep. You read it right. Still alive after a week….

The rescue team – including two British divers – believes it picked up signs of life of Eric Establie, 45, a highly experienced French potholer who went missing a week ago in the underground gorges of the Ardèche.

Rescuers tapped with an iron bar on a rock and detected responses with a probe used to locate avalanche victims.

They believe Mr Establie could be safe in an air pocket above an underground river some 780 metres from the cave mouth and 180 metres directly below the surface. Collapsed rocks are blocking the exit from the flooded underground gallery.

The British divers spotted the trapped man’s diving gear pointing in their direction just behind the collapsed rock. “For us this is a message. Eric is saying to us: ‘I’m alive, come and get me!,” said Rober Crozier, a local speleological expert.

Are they dreaming? Or just hoping? Regardless the outcome… this is one of that stories that is difficult to believe. Best of luck Mr Establie… we doubt that you are still alive, but if you are… get ready for book and a movie deal.

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