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Scuba Diving Software for Dive Centers

scubaocity-cd2One of the toughest things in any business is ensuring you are tracking what a customer wants to do and when. This is even more important in the dive business when a customer calls or emails and wants to reserve a spot for a boat trip, training session, or dive travel. How do you keep track of all this information? You’d be surprised how many are still doing this the old fashion way, with pencil and paper.

This method of customer tracking requires a big eraser if the customer needs to be moved or deleted. Not only is it hard to move customers around, but also this type of data tracking tends to foster mistakes by loosing customer information, miss-booking reservations, or worst yet not even getting the reservation on that piece of paper to begin with. And to make matters worse this information is the only source of that reservation. Loosing or damage it and you could loose business.

So what’s the answer? “Scubaocity” Over the last two years Scubaocity.com has been putting dive shop professionals and programmers together with one main goal, develop a system that was easy to use by creating a better way to track customer reservations while minimizing mistakes or loosing customer bookings. Scuabocity uses a secure online internet connection that can be accessed with any computer or Smartphone and gives the user access to track day to day business with an easy to use interface for creating, moving or coping one customer or a group of customers with the click of the mouse.

Not only does Scubaocity make it easier to track/book your customers, but it also has built in features that automatically post updated information about your business on Social Media websites that in turn helps attract new and existing customers.

Using Scubaocity’s built in RSS Feed your information can now be posted on websites such as FaceBook, Twitter, and Scubaocity itself. This custom RSS Feed keeps your customers and followers on your social sites informed about your current dives, travel, and instructional classes.

Scubaocity also creates an on-line calendar allowing customers to access your schedule which gives them online booking capabilities, ability to see current dive conditions as well as past dives, and upload pictures/comments about those trips they’ve taken with you. What better way to get customers coming back to your site day after day than having current information posted on your personal calendar? Have a special event you’d like to promote? No problem, just use Scubaocity’s built-in mass emailer to send emails blast about specials or promotions to your current customer email list.

All in all Scubaocity is not just a reservation system, but also a unique tool to help you track, book, and market your business to your customers. Why not let us show you how Scubaocity can help you attract more customers.


Scubaocity is offering a FREE DEMO at http://www.scubaocity.com check it out today

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