ScubaVision: Getting that perfect, unexpected shot.

August 4, 2008 by Scuba Herald 

Your Business Name:
ScubaVision Productions
What is your Business about:
Video Production
What are your diving services and what is the best thing about your scuba diving services/product?
Production of underwater video programs, educational programs, dive site tours and other special marine related programs.
What is your Dive Business Philosophy:
We strive to make the viewers feel like they are right there in the water with us.
What makes your team / staff special?
We are award winning producer of educational and informational programs, as well as special promotional programs for non-profits that bring the viewer into the water with us.

What is the best thing about working in your current business category and what makes you unique?

The love of our work is reflected in the quality of our productions and the numerous awards we have won in competitions such as The Telly’s, The Videographer Awards, Communicator Awards and others.

What makes your heart beat about your Dive Business:

Getting that perfect, unexpected shot.

Tell us a bit about the history behind your Dive Business, how did your company start?
The mission of ScubaVision Productions, which was founded in 2000, is to produce and sell the highest quality video programs for our clients. Our special interest is providing educational programs for the recreational diver. ScubaVision Productions provides custom video services to a variety of clients ranging from marine biology educators, to recreational divers and even to organizations, such as the New England Aquarium, who wish to educate or inform their customers. ScubaVision Productions has received awards in a number of competitions such as The Telly Awards, The Aurora Awards, Videographer Awards, Communicator Awards and Pegasus Awards.

What are your Businesses latest achievements, what are you proud of?
We recently completed an interactive DVD program for a marine biology educator who presents programs to school children. It involved two days of underwater and topside shooting and several months of editing and creation of the interactive DVD. A clip from this program entitled, “Life in the Bay,” can be seen at In addition, we have producing a weekly video scubacast tour of one of the dive sites we have been on lately and this can be seen at iTunes (search for ScubaVisions) or at www. ScubaVisions.TV. Finally, we are producing a Caribbean Creature ID video program for the online educational website, Expert Village. These short introductions to various Caribbean marine creatures can be seen at

Where do you see your Business in the next years? Continuing to produce excellent and entertaining marine biology educational Programs.

How is a normal day in the life of your Dive Business?
I’m either diving or creating wonderful programs in the studio from the footage shot while I was diving.
Can you describe your business in just 5 words?
We take you there visually.

How do you see the dive industry at the moment? What is your perspective about the future of the dive industry?
Recession will hurt growth of the dive industry as discretionary income dries up. But those who love the underwater marine world will continue to find ways to enjoy it. Our goal is to bring that world to the divers so they can stay acquainted even when they can’t get wet.

What is your Business contact info?
Address: 625 Tremont Street, Boston, MA USA or Ocean Club West, Grace Bay Road, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos islands, BWI.
Website: AND www.ScubaVisions.TV

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  1. RBR Productions on December 22nd, 2008 4:04 pm

    I would assume filming underwater is no easy task. From the looks of it you do a really great job.

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