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Surface Marker PADI Specialty

Posted by Scuba Herald on Aug 7th, 2007 and filed under PADI News. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

We’ve all seen them; when conducting courses, most of us carry this type of safety equipment to meet standards and many of us may even have sold some. Surface Marker Buoys (SMB)/safety sausages/delayed SMBs. Surface Marker Buoys serve a wide range of purposes, e.g. allowing shore cover / boat support to identify an ascending diver; alerting boat traffic to the presence of a diver; providing a visual reference for ascending divers

Until recently, operation of these devices was left to observation, trial and error, or applied learning was derived from object recovery and lift bag use. Now you can teach divers to safely and competently operate a (delayed) SMB using a new Distinctive Specialty developed by PADI: SMB Diver.

The popularity of SMB use is particularly apparent in areas with heavy boat traffic, or where divers may be drifting in a current. It may also be best practice in your local area. Delayed or DSMBs are also popular where divers are unable to return to the shot line to ascend, or where divers may not have a visual reference once they end the dive.

The SMB Diver distinctive specialty course teaches entry-level or higher certified divers the knowledge and skills required for the safe use of SMBs and delayed SMBs over two Open Water dives. During open water training your students will practise skills such as stowage of SMB and reel, stationary deployment, towing of an SMB during a tour and DSMB reel ascents and safety stops.

To be eligible to teach this specialty, you must be in current, renewed teaching status, a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor or higher level member, have issued at least 25 diver certifications and have experienced at least 20 dives using delayed or traditional Surface Marker Buoys.

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