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Dude: where is my diving boat?

Posted by Scuba Herald on Sep 27th, 2008 and filed under Dive Safety. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

New Zealand: Two scuba divers had to swim up to three hours after their boat sank near Howe Point, in the Bay of Islands.The two men went diving at 1.45pm but when they failed to return at 10.30, one of the men’s partners rang the Coastguard.Duty officer Katherine Andrews said the Coastguard boat Daydream searched the Howe Rock area, stopping every few miles for crew to call out.

Ms Andrews said the boat then headed out to Ninepin Island and around Cape Wiwiki before heading back to Waitangi.

She said as the Coastguard got close to Howe Point, the crew heard voices calling from the beach.

“The two men were found safe and well but very glad to see help arrive,” Ms Andrews said.

She said the men’s boat sank in what was known as the Middle Ground and they had to swim for up to three hours.

Ms Andrews said it was fortunate that one of the men’s partners overheard where they were planning to dive.

“Without this information it would have been very difficult to launch a search,” she said.

Ms Andrews said divers should tell others of their plans before they leave.


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