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Scuba Myths … of Fact… or Scuba Myths? Or facts?

Posted by Scuba Herald on Aug 31st, 2009 and filed under Editorial. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

So you are diving and then you try to clear your mask and you are in a forest in fire! Wake up… you are part of a scuba myth.

This is the classic myth portrayed in CSI about the scuba diver in the forest. As the myth goes, a firefighting copter picked up a bucket of water, dumps it in a forest, and out dropped the scuba diver. God. I love it.

They quickly dismissed the fire-fighting airplanes, which have a small nozzle for collecting water, far too small for a diver. They next looked at a “bambi bucket,” which is dipped into the ocean by the helicopter. The one that they looked at was clearly too small for a diver to fit into, but I was disappointed that they moved on without looking at any other buckets. The one in the footage of helicopters was clearly larger, though it had rigging that would prevent a diver from entering as well.

They finally settled on the Ericson SkyCrane mechanism, which is a prop-driven hose that is lowered into the water by the helicopter that sucks water into its tank. Adam liked this scenario because of the active suction.

They picked up an outboard engine and re-welded the propeller downward so that it would be able to suck water up a tube. Sadly, the chicken cannon was carved up for its tube.

According to Jamie: 25% chance of nothing happening, 50% something bad happening, and 50% chance that its going to work (you do the math). In the tests it did work, pumping well over 2000 gallons per minute. Jamie and Adam got into a little debate over how to hook up the pump to the tank to measure its intake, which one of the new support cast mocked as “World-wide wrestling of nerds.”

The final test was to bust the myth. They lowered the tube into the pool and pushed Buster into the intake. With the filter screen on the tube it wasn’t even capable of grabbing Buster. The next step was to remove the filter screen. This time it did hold onto Buster, but when they tried to lift Buster out of the pool, Buster immediately fell off (with a nice hole where the wet suit used to be). busted

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