Another Scuba Diving Record…

It seems that we can’t get enough of Scuba diving records. I wonder was it the point…? Do you guys know what is the point of idiotic scuba records? Are you trying to push the limits of stupidity? or are we breaking records trying to bring awareness to a good cause. No idea.. well today another AMAZING news (please note my “ironic” tone)…

So here is the “news” … A Borehamwood man who has just set a new scuba diving world record only wanted his tea when he finally surfaced after over two days under water.

Thirty-two-year-old Will Goodman spent 48 hours, nine minutes and 17 seconds on the seabed off the coast of Indonesian island Lombok, last week. He passed the time underwater inside a metal cage and had fresh oxygen supplied to him by a support crew, who doubled as a comedy act to keep his spirits up.

Mmm ok so Will Goodman spent 48 hours underwater… and now what? How does this save us from the global warming? or how this helps people in Haiti? or even save the whales? ;) Anyway… I just wonder… when we at will have 1 month off of silly scuba diving records that don’t change anything and little effect does in the diving community

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