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Yoga and Scuba Diving: New in Phuket

Posted by Scuba Herald on Aug 28th, 2007 and filed under Scuba Travel. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

The average diver sightseeing at 10 meters in warm, calm seas can expect an average tank of air to last about an hour. But as any diver can tell you, scuba diving is anything but average. Deeper dives, stronger currents and chilly water can drastically reduce bottom time. New divers, a little panicky and prone to “panting” rather than easy breathing, have been known to suck a tank dry in 15 minutes. Obviously, increasing your physical fitness is one way to get more out of every breath, but even fit divers can find themselves breathing too fast or too shallow from the stress of diving. That’s where yoga comes in.

Like scuba, yoga places emphasis on proper inhalation and exhalation, as breathing is considered the essential connection between body and mind. “Practiced regularly, yoga promotes deep, slow breathing, and teaches you how to calm your mind. Yoga also strengthens and stretches muscles that are important in diving. This all adds up to more quality time admiring the marine life on your next dive.

Yoga: means a unification of body, mind, spirit.
Diving: a submersion in the sea, underwater breathing.
The Fusion: a way to feel a state of no-mind, a letting go of the mind and self, an experience of an altered state of consciousness through body and mind awareness.

Diving Holiday and daily yoga are now the perfect combination in Phuket Thailand. Starting with the new season professional yoga classes are offered at the Dive Resort Palm Garden. Therefore a new sala, which fits perfectly into the lush tropical environment, has been built. Roxanne who is an experienced Yoga teacher and passionate diver offers daily classes which give you the opportunity to stretch out the evening after each dive. Classes are designed specifically to enhance your dive experience. You will learn different breathing techniques and how to slow breathing rhythm. Yoga increases lung capacity and overall muscular flexibility.

Breathing underwater, experiencing the weightless state of buoyancy and discovering other body-mind awareness and sensations can enhance ones’ meditation practice and inner quietude.

Approaching the study of scuba diving combined with yoga, diving becomes part of ones’ personal journey inward an intimate connection with the underwater world

Your see, there are many good reasons for trying Yoga in your next holidays. More or visit

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