Facing Darkness a The film by Nathalie Lasselin

Cave DivingtThe day that my wife had my first child, she wrote a list of “dangerous things” that I wasn’t supposed to do or try every again: Cave diving was one of them. I got a copy from Facing Darkness a few weeks ago and I have seen this Film over 5 times already.

The film by Nathalie Lasselin not only gives a complete and overall introduction to the art of cave diving, but also tries to inspire the viewer about the beauty and magic surrounding cave diving. The video brings the basics of cave diving theory in a clear and easy way, but also provides geological insights and facts about the caves explored in North Florida and the importance of these underwater treasures. With the involvement of Jim Bowden, Lamar Hres, John Orlowski and Bill Rennaker (key characters in the international cave diving community), Facing Darkness gave me a different and personal approach to this popular diving field.

The movie by Lasselin, manages to achieve its clear objective, to give the vision of cave diving, by the cave divers themselves, and by doing this, Lasselin succeeded to inspire me (and also my wife!) about the safety and serious training behind the real cave divers willing to go to the depths and labyrinths of these magnificent rock monsters waiting to be dived.

I don’t know yet if my wife will let me go Cave Diving, at the moment working as an Open Water Instructor I believe that FACING DARKNESS is a must have to any serious scuba diving library and film collection. Personally I would advise any diver interested in considering cave diving to see this film first. Not only will the film give you a clear idea about the seriousness of cave diving, but also about the spiritual journey that any cave diver takes every time they are faced with a new challenge, and with a new cave.

Facing Darkness was directed by Nathalie Lassein

And Produced by Pixnat.

You can get a copy at www.facingdarkness.com

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