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Scuba Fashion back in town

Posted by Scuba Herald on May 6th, 2008 and filed under Scuba Industry. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

Scuba Fashion back in town

There’s nothing rare about dive merchandise. You know, diver-related clever slogans on tees. Shirts that make you instantly recognizable to fellow divers, and that warrant a raised eyebrow or two from a non-diver. It’s all about inspiration.

Enter Uwahu… ‘Underwater Human’. This is a company with big ideas. What’s more, their clothing is created for divers, by divers. Two divers in fact. Ben and Marc, diving buddies from way back that ’share a passion for the ocean and marine life.’

Check it out. The shirts are just cool. They play on recognition. Well known logos ( are adapted to the dive psyche. They are the type of shirt that demand a double take. Quality fabrics, great colours, exactly the type of shirt you could just chuck on after a dive. They come in both womens and mens sizes, and cater with hoodies and hats too.

I mentioned inspiration, and sight is a huge factor. The shirts ‘evoke feelings of diving’. By sight alone. As a diver, you know that every sense is honed to diving once you’re hooked. The smell of the ocean…diving. Hearing a seagull…diving. Seeing a t-shirt that you wore that time on the live-aboard in Thailand. Well. Wahu shirts are not just a means of clothing to cover your back, they are a reflection of your passion and experiences. And that is the whole point. The slogans are witty and clever. They reflect a sense of humour that only comes with loving a life and a particular lifestyle. Diving. Even others pick up on it and want to know more.

What Ben and Marc have done is create a niche market for the feelings that diving bring. It’s not even just the physical motion of diving, but everything in between, leading up to and following. ‘Relaxing on the deck of a sailboat watching the sunset reflect on tropical waters.’ Depending on location, it could even be, huddled around a fire in your hoodie, waiting for your next cold water dive. The shirt becomes a part of your personal journey. It’s the one item that when your dive gear takes up our whole suitcase, just fits in last on top, and will see you through the whole holiday, guaranteed.

Underwater Human? I can’t think of a better explanation. It’s what we do.

Because people don’t just dive, they live and breathe diving. And now they can wear it too.
So are you a Uwahu specie?

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